UFO – The Best Of A Decade

UFO - The Best Of A Decade

Released September 28, 2010 (SPV/Steamhammer)

Track List:
01. The Wild One
02. Hard Being Me
03. Lights Out (live)
04. Saving Me
05. Daylight Goes To Town
06. Let It Roll (live)
07. This Kids (live)
08. Heavenly Body
09. Helldriver
10. Too Hot To Handle (live)
11. Mr. Freeze
12. Shoot Shoot (live)
13. Black And Blue
14. Can’t Buy A Thrill
15. Baby Blue
16. Doctor Doctor (live)

Phil Mogg – vocals
Paul Raymond – guitar and keyboards
Vinnie Moore – guitar
Pete Way – bass
Peter Pichl – bass
Andy Parker – drums
Jason Bonham – drums

You heard about The Best Of A Decade in our interview with Vinnie Moore that ran a few months back. As mentioned in the interview, this was a collection put together by SPV with little input by the band. The liner notes are a time line of what has taken place in the land of UFO since Michael Schenker‘s departure and Moore‘s arrival in 2002. This collection culls 16 tracks from this incarnation’s three studio albums, You Are Here, The Monkey Puzzle, The Visitor and the band’s live album Showtime.

  For those that haven’t experienced UFO‘s Vinnie Moore era The Best Of A Decade is a respectable collection which includes such current fan favorites as “Helldriver”, “Hard Being Me”, “Daylight Goes To Town” and “Can’t Buy A Thrill”. Also included are classics in live form such as “Lights Outs”, “Too Hot To Handle”, “Shoot Shoot”, “Let It Roll”, “This Kids” and “Doctor Doctor”.

  While it might have been too soon for a best of collection from the Moore era, this retrospective could serve as a tool to win over the naysayers — those that doubted Moore‘s ability to fit within UFO in addition to the elitists that feel UFO can’t write good material without Schenker. The verdict is that SPV have put together a great list of UFO‘s ‘A’ grade material circa 2004-09.


Reviewed by Ruben Mosqueda for Sleaze Roxx, November 2010

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