Ultraviolence: ‘Filthy Dirty Drunk N Roll’

Ultraviolence posterULTRAVIOLENCE
Released in 2009 (Ultraviolence)

If you’ve read my concert review of the recent Steel Panther show (with Diemonds opening) in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, you might recall that I stated that I discovered “one absolutely smoking but now defunct Toronto band called Ultraviolence.” All I can say is “Thank God for the internet.” While tracking down music from a band that folded more than five years ago might have required a lot of work twenty five years ago, the internet remnants of Ultraviolence from six to seven years ago are still there for you and I to enjoy.

Back in 2009, Ultraviolence apparently released a three song EP called Filthy Dirty Drunk N Roll. Sleaze Roxx was apparently privy to its release since it ran an article in that regard back on September 30, 2009. After hearing the EP a few days ago, I was surprised that Sleaze Roxx would not have reviewed it back in the day (I wasn’t writing for the site at this point). I contacted Sleaze Roxx founder and former editor Skid yesterday to find out why Ultraviolence‘s EP did not get reviewed and since I knew that Ultraviolence‘s music was exactly the kind of music that Skid would have loved. Skid advised that he could not remember Ultraviolence, either the band did not send him the EP and/or he forgot to purchase it, and I was right that it was his kind of music!

How good is Ultraviolence‘s EP Filthy Dirty Drunk N Roll? Well, had the EP been released in 2016, I would put it up there as one of the best releases — if not the best — of 2016. The craziest thing about the songs on the EP is that Ultraviolence apparently have some even better ones such as “One More Drink” (check out the unplugged version at the end of this review) that did not make it unto the EP. The first track “Hey Lil’ Mama” on Filthy Dirty Drunk N Roll is a killer down n’ dirty tune highlighted by singer Turi Mercuri‘s raunchy yet powerful voice. I love Mercuri‘s voice so much that I would rank it as the ultimate rock n’ roll voice for me. The guy’s got tons of range yet his voice is sleazy, dirty and raunchy. “Queen Heartbreaker” is probably the best track on Filthy Dirty Drunk N Roll. The song starts with a simple guitar melody that would prompt you to raise your glass or bottle of beer before Mercuri does his best Brian Johnson impression. In fact, Mercuri sounds so good that I think he would be the perfect guy to take over as AC/DC‘s next (?) frontman. “Devil’s Little Child” is more of the same. Dirty sleazy rock n’ roll at its finest. “Trouble Tonight!!!” is just straight up raunchy rock n’ roll.

There is no doubt in my mind that Sleaze Roxx covers a wide range of music (even if some people may not think so) but at the heart of the website is simple down n’ dirty sleazy rock n’ roll and Ultraviolence are the poster boys for the kind of music that I think best represents Sleaze Roxx. It is such a pity that the band is no longer. So what the fuck happened to Ultraviolence? I don’t know but the group did do at least one comprehensive tour of just about every shit hole bar in Canada back in 2010. Ultraviolence‘s Facebook page has a post on December 20, 2010 that states: “Merry Christmas everyone!!! Thanx for an amazing 2010…3 tours, 10000 beers, 10000 shots of Jager, one KO’d deer, a Canada day parade, over 30,000km back and forth across Canada and so much more! Stay tuned as 2011 will see a whole another level of rock n’ roll shenanigans!!! Be safe and thank you all so much!” After that, Ultraviolence‘s Facebook page has pretty much nothing posted including no answers on what happened with the band… I’ll try to find out and keep you posted!

Track List:
01. Hey Lil’ Mama
02. Queen Heartbreaker
03. Devil’s Little Girl
04. Trouble Tonight!!!

Band Members:
Andrew – guitar
Turi – vocals
Ryan – drums
Jordan – bass

Band Websites:
YouTube (singer Turi Mercuri)

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, July 2016

Ultraviolence‘s “Hey Lil’ Mama” song:


The first single from the “Filthy Dirty Drunk N Roll!” EP released in September 2009

Ultraviolence‘s “Queen Heartbreaker” song:

Queen Heartbreaker – ULTRAVIOLENCE

The 2nd single from the “Filthy Dirty Drunk N Roll!” EP. This will be released to radio sometime in January 2010.

Ultraviolence‘s “Devil’s Little Girl” song:

Devil’s Little Girl – ULTRAVIOLENCE

A little ditty from our “Filthy Dirty Drunk N Roll!” EP released in September 2009

Ultraviolence‘s “One More Drink” (unplugged) song:

“One More Drink!” (Unplugged)

A canoe-stick version of the smash hit of the Summer! Drink Beers! Drink Bourbon! Drink !@#$%^&*()