Underride – One Of Us

Underride - One Of Us

Released 2008 (Underride)

Track List:
01. Side By Side
02. Candy Girl
03. On The Radio
04. She Gets Paid
05. Throw It Away
06. Upstart Coming Up
07. Kink Into My Heart
08. Road To Nowhere
09. My Little Hell
10. Lights Off Baby
11. Shotgun Breakdown
12. Riot Stick
13. We Don’t Want What We Want
14. No Means No

Rev – vocals
Rex Nomad – guitar
Dr. Pondscum – guitar
El Barto – bass
Double A – drums

Produced by Underride. Mixed by Rev.

Seattle, Washington is usually considered a four-letter word for 80s hard rock fans, but when it comes to Underride it is simply home. And in this case the city that helped destroy the music so many of us love has given something back. If Underride is Seattle’s attempt at appeasing rock fans for the early 90s – apology accepted.

  I’m not much of a fan of the current mainstream rock scene, but this five-piece brilliantly teeters on the edge of old and new. For my money these guys play ‘new’ much better and with more conviction than bands such as Sixx: A.M.. They play a type of music that wouldn’t be completely out of place on Top 40 radio yet their songs add enough aggression, guitar solos and catchy hooks to keep people like me happy.

  It didn’t take long for a song like ‘Candy Girl’ to impress. Talk about a memorable chorus, as the backing vocals are flawless and the top-notch production is perfect for such a young band. Vocalist Rev stands out with his Slash Puppet meets Bangalore Choir delivery and it quickly becomes obvious that he has a voice tailor made for hard rock music. Underride mix things up a little as well, as ‘Road To Nowhere’ is a great open-highway rock song that brings back memories of the underrated Hair Of The Dog.

  The perfect formula used on ‘Candy Girl’ is also on display on tracks such as ‘On The Radio’ while ‘Throw It Away’ and ‘Kink Into My Heart’ showcase the group’s melodic side. With each song coming in at roughly three minutes Underride keep things short and simple, letting the slight differences in each song offer the variety within the album itself. The only way One Of Us could have been better is if tracks 11 to 13 were kept off the CD, as these are the only songs in which the band’s hometown influence overtakes the sound.

  Underride is the type of band that should be able to garner fans from several different demographics. 80s rock fans will jump on board thanks to a songwriting ability that far outweighs their years together, while people that snub their nose at 80s hair bands will also find enough to keep them occupied. If any band is poised to make it big in the current state of music, Underride is a good candidate.

  www.underride.net – www.myspace.com/underrideseattle

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, November 2008.

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