Various – Perris Worldwide Network

Perris Worldwide Network
Released 2007 (Perris Records)

Track List:
01. Adrenaline Factor – Ride
02. Xpeld – Got To Leave
03. Subsonic – Treason
04. Ford T – Steve McQueen
05. Abandoned Souls – She Rides
06. Zero Down – Two Ton Hammer
07. Club Hell – Welcome To Club Hell
08. 3D In Your Face – Are You Ready
09. Silver Dirt – Go! She Said
10. JackViper – Walk The Line
11. Lydian Fortune – Final Days
12. Sex Department – No Way To Pussycat
13. Scarlet Violet – Ready To Rock
14. Ballbreaker – When The Hammer Comes Down
15. The Punishers – Born To Rock
16. Big Mama Scandal – All This Time
17. Black Falcon – The Order

Perris Worldwide Network is the latest compilation series from Perris Records, the same people that bring us the Hollywood Hairspray collections. This album is more diverse than the Hollywood Hairspray releases simply because it features bands from several different genres.

  Anyone that pays attention to my reviews already know how impressed I was with groups such as Ford T (which is getting LOTS of spins), Silver Dirt, the Faster Pussycat influenced JackViper and the AC/DC driven Ballbreaker and Adrenaline Factor. Seeing as I have already reviewed CDs by each of these artists I won’t go into detail about them here, even though they represent some of the best music on Perris Worldwide Network.

  What I will elaborate on are the stand-out bands presented that are completely new to my ears. The one man band known as Subsonic offers up Lillian Axe influenced rock while Club Hell scream their way through their rapid fire anthem. Sex Department (which is a great name for a group) sounds a lot like Skew Siskin, laying down sleaze rock with just a hint of punk. Scarlet Violet show lots of potential, they just need a catchier song while The Punishers take the same approach as Adrenaline Factor.

  The best of the new breed however are Zero Down and 3D In Your Face, two bands that are polar opposites of each other. Zero Down is pure aggression and attitude, and the title “Two Ton Hammer” is completely fitting as it feels like they are using that same hammer to bash your head in. 3D In Your Face on the other hand is a melodic rock band that is a bit on the repetitious side. But what saves them is their crystal clear guitar sound and the heavy muddy drum sound. These two deliveries are completely at odds with each other and it is that confliction that makes the song so great.

  Perris Worldwide Network is far more diverse than the Hollywood Hairspray volumes, cranking out some hard rock, some metal, and some stuff that tries too hard to be current. Because of that this compilation doesn’t flow as fluidly as other Perris collections, but once again they display lots of up and coming talent. – (for band links and submission info)

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, May 2007.

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