Various – The Glam That Stole Christmas Vol.1

The Glam That Stole Christmas Vol.1
Released 2004 (Perris)

Track List:
01. American Heartbreak – The Greatest Christmas Song Ever Written
02. Lillian Axe – Here Is Christmas
03. Kristy Majors – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
04. Loud’N’Nasty – Christmas Time
05. Chris Heaven & Michael Gapys – I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas
06. Big Bang Babies – Winter Wonderland
07. Fizzy Bangers – Hooray For Santa Claus
08. Decadenza – Dead By X-Mas
09. Rockin’ Scroundrels – Rock ‘N’ Roll Sleigh Ride
10. Grayson Manor – Blue Christmas
11. American Smash – Nuttin’ For Christmas

Christmas – that wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, presents and corporate greed. But now you can add glam music to the festive season and amaze your yuletide visitors with the wonderful Christmas renditions – and occasional butchering of classics – by bands one wouldn’t usually associate with this holiday.

  American Heartbreak start things off with a self-written festive song, that rocks harder than almost any X-Mas song I’ve ever heard. It is a great start to the album. One of the most dependable bands in rock, Lillian Axe manage to deliver once again with the acoustic “Here Is Christmas” – this would fit on any radio programmers’ Christmas play-list. Former Pretty Boy Floyd member Kristy Majors uses an abundance of harmonies to flesh out his festive treat. Sweden’s Loud’N’Nasty mix sleaze with sleigh bells, and while I like this band, this song misses the mark. “I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas” was written by Bon Jovi, and vocalist Chris Heaven sounds a lot like Jon – no surprises here.

  The Big Bang Babies tackle a Christmas mainstay and have some fun with it – and while it doesn’t always stay true to the original, I enjoy it, and you can just tell the band is having a blast with this one. The Fizzy Bangers have too much of a punk feel for my liking. Decadenza cover a hard rocking tune penned by Andy McCoy, and while this version is pretty cool; I just don’t think it fits on a Christmas album. “Rock ‘N’ Roll Sleigh Ride” is an excellent fun time rocker with a 70s vibe, a great addition. I like Grayson Manor, but this acoustic rendition of “Blue Christmas” isn’t very good, these guys better stick to hard rock. American Smash ends the disc with a punk-pop song that is mediocre, but has some of the best lyrics on the disc.

  All in all Perris Records have released a cool Christmas collection. Something that is a bit different from the norm and is sure to impress your rock friends and make your Grandparents wish they went somewhere else for the holidays.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, December 2004.

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