Vicious Mary – Vicious Mary

Vicious Mary - Vicious Mary
Released 2002 (Frontiers)

Track List:
01. Love Or Hate
02. When He Cries
03. Outside
04. Million Words
05. Crying For You
06. The Call
07. E.L.I.S.A.
08. Keysage
09. I’ll Be There For You
10. You Run Me Wild
11. Indian Giver

Terrence Holler – vocals
Pete Daniels – guitar
BB Nick (Nick Savio) – guitar
Sean Henderson – keyboards and piano

Additional Musicians:
Louis Stefanini – bass
Camy Colleluori – drums
Fausto Torresan – guitar
Annalisa Roman – background vocals
Luca Nitragli – background vocals
Pier Fantin – background vocals

Produced by Pat Scalabrino and Vicious Mary.

A melodic rock band, Vicious Mary is actually a side project of Eldritch members Terence Holler and Sean Henderson. With this debut album they employ a sound similar to that of Dokken and Seven Wishes.

  Highlights include the rocking “Million Words”, “The Call” and “You Run Me Wild”. A nice ballad named “Crying For You” and the pretty instrumental “Keysage” round out the album nicely. The musicianship is very tight throughout the album, and the band shows a lot of potential here. Vicious Mary receives two thumbs up! You can find more info on the band at their website.

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, July 2003.

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