Vixen – The Works

Vixen - The Works
Released 2003 (Pyram-Axis)

Track List:
01. Angels From The Dust
02. New Age Rock-N-Roller
03. Living In Sin
04. Escape The Night
05. Beg For Mercy
06. House Of The Rising Sun
07. Secret Of The Stars
08. Give It All You Got
09. Rocking Me Hard
10. The Young And The Restless
11. Lady Savage
12. Angels From The Dust (Original Version)
13. Living In Sin (Original Version)

Kim La Chance – vocals
Marty Friedman – guitar
Paul Escorpeso – bass
Kimo – bass
Jeff Graves – drums

Produced by Vixen. Executive producer Kim La Chance.

Not to be confused with the sexy female pop-metal band from the late 80’s, this version of Vixen recorded as early as 1981 and is remember primarily for featuring the guitar shredding of Marty Friedman — later of Megadeth. Don’t be expecting the thrash leanings of Megadeth though; this album is fairly traditional in its approach, with Friedman unleashing unforgettable solos all over the place. As great as Friedman is, it is the vocals of Kim La Chance that will determine Vixen‘s success — they are very much an acquired taste.

  The Works is a collection of demos and recordings that surfaced during the band’s 1981-83 run, so some of the sound quality is less then perfect. “Angels From The Dust”, a song that appeared on US Metal Vol.II: Unsung Guitar Heroes, is likely Vixen‘s most remembered song. However it is tunes such as “New Age Rock-N-Roller”, “Rocking Me Hard” and the cover of “House Of The Rising The Sun”, in which La Chance reigns in her voice, that I enjoy most. Her vocal delivery reminds me of Rose Christair of 7th Stranger (and perhaps a dash of early Lee Aaron) with the occasional scream that rivals that of Shock, and is sure to make the hairs stand up on your neck! Thankfully, even though the vocals are sometimes distracting, Friedman never lets up — showing that he was a virtuoso even at an early age. He simple shreds from start to finish.

  The Works is an interesting peek at the return of heavy metal in the early 80’s, but on the same note it won’t appeal to everyone. More information can be found at Front Row Seat.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, January 2004.

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