Voodoo Circle: ‘Raised On Rock’

To be released on February 9, 2018 (AFM Records)

Raised on Rock is the fifth full release from German band Voodoo Circle, following Voodoo Circle (2008), Broken Heart Syndrome (2011), More Than One Way Home (2013) and Whisky Fingers (2015).  Sleaze Roxx gave Whisky Fingers a positive review in November of 2015.  Guitarist and chief songwriter Alexander Beyrodt was clearly influenced by ’70s and early ’80s stalwarts Whitesnake, Rainbow and even Deep Purple to create this album.

The opening track “Running Away From Love” has a killer opening guitar line, and the chorus sorta reminds me of early Bon Jovi… sing along AOR.  Full stop with “Higher Love”, a more boogie/blues entry with both guitar and vocal effects. “Walk On The Line” is very much John Sykes era Whitesnake including the David Coverdale style vocals. Soaring guitars and heavy rhythms. Again, “You Promised Me Heaven” is different, with a wicked blusey intro and a Jimmy Page “Shake My Tree” style guitar work. Some gang vocals and great work from singer Herbie Langhans makes this tune really pop.

Voodoo Circle change it up a bit on track five with “Just Take My Heart.” It’s not bad, but different from the first four tracks, and is closer to mid-’80s melodic rock. “Where Is The World We Love” begins as a gentle ballad, and evolves into a mid-tempo rocker. Langhans‘ vocals are great, but I will pass on the overall song, as it is very similar to what Whitesnake have done before.

Now, wow! “Ultimate Sin” is full on. There is nothing wrong with this at all. Great instrumentation and vocals. The bridge is a bit suspect, but easily ignored on the strength of Beyrodt’s guitar line. I’ll give the same credit to “Unknown Stranger.” It’s like a strong Deep Purple upgrade for 2018. A great power rock tune to be sure. I’ll recognize the track “Love Is An Ocean” for starting with an interesting acoustic guitar/vocal line, and building into a decent anthem. The penultimate track “Dreamchaser” is Alexander Beyrodt’s ode to Ritchie Blackmore, stating in the PR release, “The arrangement of the number was changed and overhauled repeatedly over the years, now it’s matured to the point where it was ready for recording.” As a six and a half minute opus, it works as both an homage and a rock song with its own legs.

Overall, Voodoo Circle have given the world two sets of songs — one of gritty, bluesy rock and a second half of melodic rock.  Both are solid, and worthy of investigation.

Track List:
01. Running Away From Love
02. Higher Love
03. Walk On The Line
04. You Promised Me Heaven
05. Just Take My Heart
06. Where Is The World We Love
07. Ultimate Sin
08. Chase Me Away
09. Unknown Stranger
10. Dreamchaser
11. Love Is An Ocean
12. Time For The Innocent
13. There’s More To See

Band Members:
Alex Beyrodt – guitars
Herbie Langhans – vocals
Mat Sinner – bass
Francesco “Cesco” Jovino – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Metal Mike for Sleaze Roxx, February 2018

Voodoo Circle‘s “Higher Love” video:

VOODOO CIRCLE – Higher Love (2018) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

Taken from the album „Raised on Rock”, to be released February 09th, 2018. Order: http://promo.afm-records.de/en/voodoo-circle Listen on Spotify: http://sptf…

Voodoo Circle‘s “Running Away From Love” song:

VOODOO CIRCLE – Running Away From Love (2017) // Official Audio // AFM Records

Taken from the album “Raised on Rock”, released Feb 09th, 2017. Order: http://promo.afm-records.de/en/voodoo-circleListen on Spotify: http://sptfy.com/2lWSLi…