Voodoo Vegas – The Rise Of Jimmy Silver

Voodoo Vegas - The Rise Of Jimmy Silver

Released March 4, 2013 (Cargo Records)

Track List:
01. Intro
02. King Without A Crown
03. Bullet
04. No More
05. What I Pay
06. Interlude
07. Mary Jane
08. Ferry Song
09. Lost In Confusion
10. So Unkind
11. Jimmy Silver

Band Members:
Lawrence Case – vocals, harmonica and percussion
Nick Brown – guitar
Meryl Hamilton – guitar
Ash Moulton – bass
Matt Jolly – drums

Additional Musicians:
Stevie Vann Lange – backing vocals (2,8,9)
Stephen Green – piano, strings and Hammon organ
Pedro Ferreira – percussion, backing vocals (4,11)

Produced and mixed by Pedro Ferreira. Mastered by Ade Emsley.

The vast amount of exciting new music being released by fresh faces these days is astonishing, and honestly hard to keep track of. The latest band to keep an eye on is the English quintet known as Voodoo Vegas. I first stumbled across this band in 2009 but was slightly disappointed to find out that their only available material was a live album — thankfully a true debut is now upon us in the form of The Rise Of Jimmy Silver.

You can usually pinpoint a group’s influences while listening to an album, but Voodoo Vegas defy categorization as this album takes endless twists and turns. It is the band’s refusal to be pigeon-holed that makes The Rise Of Jimmy Silver such a great disc and at the same time sets them apart from the cookie-cutter sounds that infiltrate many releases by rock virgins. Voodoo Vegas offer straight-ahead hard-hitting rock on “King Without A Crown”, the understandable choice for first single, the incredible “Bullet”, which has an extended guitar solo that would make Lynyrd Skynyrd wet their pants, and the commercially aimed “No More”.

“What I Pay” is an acoustic number that begins Voodoo Vegas‘ transformation on this debut disc. “Mary Jane” is a scream fest that takes on a dreamy quality during the chorus with mixed results before the harmonica propels the honky tonk influenced “Ferry Song”. I could live without “Lost In Confusion”, but you quickly forget about that when longtime staple “So Unkind” (the song that first turned me onto the band many years ago) shifts into high gear with its slide guitar delivery and “Jimmy Silver” ends the disc with a high energy anthem. Five of these songs first appeared on the 2009 Live album, but they sound so much better this time around and really display how Voodoo Vegas has grown over time.

The calendar has barely flipped into 2013 and thanks to artists like Voodoo Vegas the list of must-own albums is already growing at a rapid rate. A healthy dose of ’80s sleaze crossbred with ’70s classic rock is what you will find on The Rise Of Jimmy Silver — an impressive debut album that should usher in ‘the rise of’ Voodoo Vegas.


Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, March 2013

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