W.A.S.P.: ‘Golgotha’

W.A.S.P. coverW.A.S.P.
Released on October 2, 2015 (Napalm Records)

I would like to start by saying W.A.S.P.’s new album Golgotha is what rock is supposed to sound like! W.A.S.P. have made quite a few albums, but I think this is the one that can bring in a new generation of fans. From the moment I started to play this album, I was sucked in. This is not the album that will have you skipping songs early or skipping tracks. This is the album you will listen to from start to finish, and leave on repeat!

Blackie Lawless is the only original member of the band. He was the one that formed the band, in 1982. By the sounds of this album, Lawless did a great job honing in the talent from his bandmates — Doug Blair on lead guitar, Mike Duda on bass and Mike Dupke on drums. The whole band really forms a great sound together without overplaying on each other.

This album has a lot of powerful rock n’ roll jams. Songs like “Shotgun” and “Hero Of The World” have a strong drum beat that shows Dupke‘s talent banging those sticks. I love the powerful ballad “Miss You.” This will easily make it on my personal top albums of the year!  Golgotha took four years to create so we have been waiting quite a while, but my hat is off because the wait was well worth it. Some of you might know that Lawless is a born again Christian, so the majority of the songs have strong religious themes. Lawless sings about how he relies heavily on his faith to get him through his daily struggles. This album begs the question, “What will W.A.S.P.‘s live show be like knowing what kind of show they put on?” and more importantly, “When are they coming to a city near me?”

I strongly recommend getting your hands on the Golgotha album. But I also recommend it with warning! Your neck will hurt in the morning! This is a headbanger’s dream! This album holds true to long time W.A.S.P. fans and believe me, the album will make any rocker new to W.A.S.P. a fan for sure! I am really excited about this album and I know you will be too!

Track List:
01. Scream
02. Last Runaway
03. Shotgun
04. Miss You
05. Fallen Under
06. Slaves Of The New World
07. Eyes Of My Maker
08. Hero Of The World
09. Golgotha

Band Members:
Blackie Lawless – lead vocals, guitar
Mike Duda – bass, vocals
Doug Blair – lead guitar, vocals
Mike Dupke – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Metal Headz Media for Sleaze Roxx, October 2015

W.A.S.P. – Scream (Official Lyric Video) | Napalm Records

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