Wayland – Welcome To My Head

Wayland - Welcome To My Head

Released december 6, 2011 (IronWorks Music)

Track List:
01. Nobody’s Perfect
02. Welcome To My Head
03. On My Knees
04. Fire Down Below

Mitch Arnold – vocals
Phillip Vilenski – guitar
Dean Pizzazz – bass
Tyler Coburn – drums

Produced by Jude Cole, Michael Gurley and Florian Ammon.

Wayland is a band from Michigan that makes you sit up and listen. Take notice, because this band is laying the stones for their road to success after signing with Jude Cole and Keifer Sutherland‘s IronWorks Music label.

  The opener “Nobody’s Perfect” is rich and mellow in tone while “On My Knees” is even softer but broodier. The single “Welcome To My Head” is slightly spooky with a whole lot of attitude — the guitars shred in all the right places and hold it together a bit more than some of the other tracks, depending less on the vocals. The chorus was a bit disappointing in how tonally major it was, that didn’t contrast so well with the verses, but I’d listen to it again just for that build up. Confident and arrogant, Wayland burst out in “Fire Down Below” with a clear-cut production that, being a fan of raw mixes, I would usually condemn. But this song is so sharp, so edgy and so in-your-face that the intricate mix of melodies later on don’t clash — instead it is a real gem of creativity.

  Welcome To My Head is a more modern album and therefore less brutal than many hard rock fans may be used to. At times Wayland could do with dispensing the clean polished production and getting down and dirty with the guitars and Mitch Arnold‘s vocals, like when he lets rip during “On My Knees”.


Reviewed by JJ Lee for Sleaze Roxx, November 2012

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