Wild Boyz – Unleashed!

Wild Boyz - Unleashed!
Released 1990 (Polaris Records Inc.)

Track List:
01. Pleazure ‘N’ Pain
02. I Don’t Wanna Cry No More
03. I’m On My Way
04. Forever
05. Take Me
06. Roll The Dice
07. She Don’t Care
08. High Tonite
09. In Your Face
10. Cowboy Ride

Band Members:
Willie D. – vocals
Valentino – guitar and background vocals
Matt Steavanz – guitar and background vocals
Joey Wylde – bass, acoustic guitar and background vocals
K. Lee Lauren – drums and piano

Produced by Chris Spelling.

Unleashed! is the one and only release from this Sunset Strip glam quintet. Songs such as “Pleazure ‘N’ Pain”, “Roll The Dice” and “High Tonite” are good rockers. There is a cool ballad called “Forever” and a nice acoustical number in “Cowboy Ride”.

The Wild Boyz definitely had the look to fit into the late 80’s glam scene. The band reminds me of a cross between Poison and Pretty Boy Floyd. If there is one complaint about Unleashed!, it is that it contains some of the silliest lyrics ever written, such as this ditty from “Take Me”; “Time she cumz around gonna rock n’roll, a lil’ bump an’ grind b4 the show, sugar’z got that candy coated luvin’ yeah, hold on tight she’z a hurricane cumin!” Despite needing a subscription to Hooked On Phonics, the Wild Boyz managed to release an entertaining album, and I give this lost sleaze classic two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, September 2003.

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