Wild Freedom: ‘Set The Night On Fire’

Released on March 17, 2017 (The Fish Factory)

Thank goodness there is a continuing influx of 20 somethings that, like me (and for pity sake, no, I am well beyond my 20’s sadly), can not get enough of the heyday of metal/sleaze/hard rock. Yep, I am referencing the good ole’ ’80s. Wild Freedom are four lads from Barcelona, Spain that have captured the mythos of ’80s Sunset Strip and they have liberally slathered it with equal parts sleaze and heavy metal.

Wild Freedom‘s 11 song debut entitled Set The Night On Fire is a very solid effort, shockingly well played, orchestrated and written. Vocalist Ian Wilde is a dead ringer for Spread Eagles Ray West and I would encourage the band to learn Switchblade Serenade and fold it into their repertoire as it would floor everyone. Surprisingly, Ian mentioned the band isn’t familiar with Spread Eagle. Take heed Ian and company and give Spread Eagle‘s self titled album a couple of spins and you will get it and appreciate the comparison. Guitarist Adryen Rock is a more than competent lead player, crafting some memorable leads and catchy rhythms. And with any band the backbone of the bottom end is handled by Chris Carrest and Dave Starblitz respectively with two gaggles of fills, trills and be damned if there isn’t a bass solo to be found as well.

As I listen and re-listen to the album, the 11 tracks just keep cementing themselves into my psyche and as I scrutinize, the entire record just floors me with its professionalism, production and plain ole’ listen-ability. As mentioned, the sleazy sweetness of Ian‘s Ray West vocals throughout add a sleazy raspiness to all the tracks. “Dancing With The Devil” is an homage to the glamier side of the strip with its “Nothin’ But a Good Time” main riff. The tasteful use of the flange and chorus on the lead riff on “No More Gentlemen” has a dinger of a solo by the way. “Judgement Day” is pure metal, reminiscent of Badlands era Metal Church with a mega chorus. “Ain’t Coming Home” is so so sleazy with its lead riff and is a definite favorite. “Sturm Und Drang” is a teaser of sorts as the first minute is very acoustically Cinderella‘d and then bam, right in the kisser with a mega metal riff and those sleazy metal triplets on the bass drum that encourage head bobbing. The band changes lanes from pure Sunset Strip sleaze metal on the bulk of the disc to NWOBHM on the album closer “Sail On” which takes a mega bow to Maiden and that ilk.

In conclusion, take a good long listen and an equally long hard look at Wild Freedom as they are a new band deserving of our attentions. Their debut is very solid with plenty of reasons for even the hardened critics to be surprised by a riff or a chorus or verse and have something to crow (positively) about. As I am sure you’ve gleaned from reading thus far, I dig them and they stomp all over all my favorite elements of sleaze, metal, hard rock and are a strong band playing even stronger songs. The band blatantly wears on their sleeveless denim vests the brands of their heroes both old and new in the likes of Ratt, KISS, Skid Row, Crashdïet, Eclipse, Guns N’ Roses and Hardcore Superstar. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the bands mentioned wouldn’t proudly wear a Wild Freedom t-shirt (which is bad ass by the way)! Here’s to the follow-up release, which I can only assume will continue the legacy that these lads are creating for themselves and if they stick to the formula they currently are drinking, all shall be well.

Track List:
01. Prometheus
02. Full Of Love
03. Judgement Day
04. No More Gentlemen
05. Ain’t Coming Home
06. Sturm Und Drang
07. Steam
08. I Am (What You’re Afraid To Be!)
09. Rockin’ The Radio
10. Dancing With The Devil
11. Sail On

Band Members:
Ian Wilde
– vocals
Adryen Rock – guitars
Dave Starblitz – bass
Chris Carrest – drums

Recorded at Txosse Ruíz
Mastered by Maor Applebaum

Band Website: 

Reviewed by Terry Martinson for Sleaze Roxx, September 2017

Wild Freedom‘s “Full of Love” video:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WildFreedomBand © 2016 | WILD FREEDOM | Official music video for Full Of Love, 1st single for SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE.——…

Wild Freedom‘s “I Am (What You’re Afraid To Be!)” video:

Wild Freedom – I am (what you’re afraid to be!) DEMO

Official Music Video for I am (what you’re afraid to be!) by Wild FreedomJOIN US ON: https://www.facebook.com/WildFreedomBandhttp://wildfreedom.hol.es/wordpr…

Wild Freedom‘s “Sail On” video:

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