Wildnite: ‘Symphony of Apathy’

To be released on May 6, 2022 (Regent Street Records)

Now here’s an unusual thing – Nordic rockers Wildnite have decided that their second album should be nothing less grand than a “heavy concept album” — which didn’t fill me with glee when it landed in my inbox — but, after a mumbled and mercifully short prologue, the riff laden “One And Only” burst forth in all its commercially catchy glory. The equally memorable “Hero” with its fist pumping chorus and threatening vocals then segues into “War Machine” which is so similar in execution that it is hard to separate them from each other. A minor quibble when both are filled with such massive choruses and fine harmonies.

The heartfelt and emotive ballad “I Believe” then gives way to current single “F.U.B.A.R.” which stands for “Fucked up beyond all recognition”, and is a meaty bombast of a track, before the brief acoustic “The Letter” showcases the band’s far more gentler side. “Coming Home” is  extended, musclebound and complete with enough widdly soloing to satisfy those that like that sort of thing, alongside surprisingly poignant lyrics, before continuing with the rather leaden but growling “Pandemonium”.

The promise filled “Ready For The Fall” slightly belies its doom-like title and is a straight ahead, no-nonsense rocker that leads into the epic, two part title track. The first part is subtitled “Black Wedding” and is a real mish-mash of genres that left me cold,  despite the added bonus of female vocals. The second part – “Undone” is more acoustically led and passionate to these ears with the female vocals adding further impact, before the album closes with the ballsy “Monster”. It’s cleanly produced. Nikki Starr on bass and drummer Eric Rotz are solid throughout and, Magic Mike’s lead guitar is immense as are the perfectly suited vocals from Baron Sobye, and the consistently excellent harmonies.

It’s a very brave decision to make any album a concept about the absolute futility of war and the importance of psychological after care, but it works — for the most part — due to heavy, ass-kicking songs with huge choruses, and the obvious passion for the subject matter in the construction and lyrical content. It’s not without its flaws of course, but Wildnite should be applauded for tackling such tough subject matter in such an effective, balls out, rocking manner without lessening the meaning of their message.

Track List:
01. Paroxysm
02. One And Only
03. Hero
04. War Machine
05. I Believe
06. F.U.B.A.R.
07. The Letter
08. Coming Home
09. Pandemonium
10. II
11. Ready For The Fall
12. Symphony of Apathy Pt I: Black Wedding
13. Symphony of Apathy Pt II: Undone
14. Monster

Band Members:
Baron Sobye – vocals
Magic Mick – lead guitar
Nikki Star – bass
Eric Rotz – drums

Band Website:

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, April 2022

Wildnite‘s “F.U.B.A.R.” lyric video:

Wildnite‘s “Ready For The Fall” video: