Winger – Live

Winger - Live
Released 2007 (Frontiers Records), 2008 (Shrapnel Records)

Track List:
Disc One:
01. Blind Revolution Mad
02. Loosen Up
03. Easy Come Easy Go
04. Your Great Escape
05. Down Incognito
06. Rainbow In The Rose
07. Generica
08. Junk Yard Dog
Disc Two:
01. Right Up Ahead
02. Reb’s Guitar Solo
03. You Are The Saint, I Am The Sinner
04. Rod’s Drum Solo
05. Headed For A Heartbreak
06. Can’t Get Enough
07. Seventeen
08. Who’s The One
09. Miles Away
10. Madalaine
11. Blue Suede Shoes

Kip Winger – vocals and bass
Reb Beach – guitars and vocals
John Roth – guitars and vocals
Rod Morgenstein – drums and vocals

Produced by Kip Winger. Live sound engineer Pete Cariss.

Winger, like many other hair-metal bands, are back in business again. After the release of their atmospheric comeback album simply titled IV, they went on tour and recorded one gig to be released now as a live album (which is also available as a DVD).

  To quite a few Winger fans IV was too dark and didn’t appeal them very well. And Live shows this on the set-list as there are only three ‘new’ tracks included (“Blues Suede Shoes” is added as an in-studio acoustic bonus track). The main focus lays of course on their back catalog, which shows us again just how talented a band they were and still are.

  All the hits are here, “Seventeen”, “Miles Away”, a stunning version of “Easy Come Easy Go” and every once in a while they throw in a not so well known song for good measure. The whole record is very entertaining and shows four excellent musicians in great form. As is the case with live albums, this probably won’t win the band any new fans, but if you like Winger this one is a fine example of how a live album should be done. It seems to me that there was some studio work done on here, but I’d take a fine sound over a bad mix anytime as long as it still feels ‘live’ – as is the case on Live.

  A couple of critical points however. In this age, when everybody can download an album within minutes, why not release the whole thing as a CD/DVD combo to give it a bit more value for your money? Instead fans have to pay twice! Also, what is up with the inclusion of “Generica”, arguably the worst song on IV? – –

Reviewed by Vige for Sleaze Roxx, March 2008.

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