Wolfchild – Toxic

Wolfchild - Toxic
Released 2005 (Wolfchild)

Track List:
01. Cuts Like A Knife
02. Gasoline
03. Out From The Blues

Kim Hogberg – vocals and guitar
Marko Purosto – guitar
Jaska Koivusilta – bass
Tomi Nousiainen – drums

Additional Musicians:
Markus Nieminen – keyboards (3)

Recorded and mixed by Lari Takala, mastered by Janne Saksa.

When this EP arrived in the mail from Finland I had no idea who Wolfchild was or what kind of music they played, and the album artwork/band image really didn’t offer many clues. The headline on their press release simply stated “real rock is not dead!!” Of course I already knew this, but now I had to determine if Wolfchild was part of this rock resurrection or simply another group making false claims.

  It took all of 10 seconds to get my answer as the heavy drum/bass intro of “Cuts Like A Knife” was slapped aside by a powerful guitar riff. Then came the vocals, a deep and gruff version of Michael Monroe or Ian Astbury that fit the raunchy music perfectly – this is what “real rock” was all about. While the opening track was pure sleaze the next song, “Gasoline”, wandered straight into the no-frills musical arena made popular by classic AC/DC. One could even close their eyes and imagine Angus Young laying down these killer little guitar leads. Wolfchild definitely has a lot of potential.

  “Out Of The Blues” ends the Toxic EP on a mid-tempo 70’s Uriah Heep note. The song isn’t horrible, but just doesn’t fit alongside the first couple of tunes. So forget about slowing things down, if Wolfchild keeps the guitars cranked and the bottom-end chugging along they will be a band to keep an eye out for. Give them a listen at www.drink.to/wolfchild – they were right, “real rock is not dead” after all!

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, June 2005.

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