Zodiac Mindwarp – I Am Rock

Zodiac Mindwarp - I Am Rock
Released 2002 (Cosmosdomistic)

Track List:
01. I Am Rock
02. Jane In Blue
03. Shake
04. Hurricane
05. The King Of Love
06. Helsinki Motorcycles
07. F***ked By Rock
08. 20,000 Women
09. The Devil Drives
10. Call Me Baby
11. Christmas Eve On The Reeperbahn

Zodiac Mindwarp – vocals
Cobalt Stargazer – guitar
Kev Reverb – bass
Robbie Vom – drums

Recording by Kev Reverb.

Over the years artists have christened themselves such things as the ‘King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and the ‘Prince Of Darkness’, but such claims aren’t good enough for Zodiac Mindwarp. Instead he proclaims to be an entire genre! Few could seriously boast to be rock, but when Zodiac is on top of his game few can match him. I Am Rock may not be as great as the essential Tattooed Beat Messiah album, but it is close and finally returns this group of bottom feeders to the top of the hard rock heap.

  There have been times in the past when Mark Manning (the man known as Zodiac Mindwarp) has lost his way and vision, but that only seems to have fueled his creativity and made him even more bitter and more vulgar. Rock’s ‘High Priest Of Love’ has one thing on his mind here, and with lyrics such as “I want to fuck your mother, I want to fuck your wife, I want to fuck your sister, I want to fuck your daughter” you don’t have to be Columbo to figure out what he is thinking. Only grandma seems to be left out, but I guess every man must set some limits.

  Besides the lyrical poetry contained on I Am Rock, the music itself stands up as well. This CD is more riff oriented the most of The Love Reaction‘s work and makes for some catchy and memorable songs. “I Am Rock”, “The King Of Love”, “Fucked By Rock” and “20,000 Women” are all incredible tunes that should be concert staples. “Helsinki Motorcycles” is the only song represented here that left me cold, and even though “Jane In Blue” is a bit of a departure for these guys, it still works.

  It’s great to hear Zodiac Mindwarp back in top form because he can rock as good as anyone. This band has gone unnoticed for far too long now and let’s just hope the upcoming album Rock Savage turns out as great as the seething I Am Rock. Fucked up music by a fucked up performer, this is what sleaze is all about. www.zodiacmindwarp.com.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, October 2005.

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