Zodiac Mindwarp – We Are Volsung

Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction - We Are Volsung

Released September 24, 2010 (SPV/Steamhammer)

Track List:
01. Stark Von Oben
02. We Are Volsung
03. We Ride
04. Tree Rider
05. White Trash
06. Don’t Touch My Guitar
07. Lucille
08. Die Pretty
09. Key To Your Heart
10. Kill Me A Mockingbird

Zodiac Mindwarp – vocals
Cobalt Stargazer – guitar
Jack Shitt – bass
Bruno “The Cat” Agua – drums

In 1988 countless musicians were sporting long hair and black leather, but none of them matched Zodiac Mindwarp — an outrageous character that was darker, meaner and more insane than anyone on the scene. Young and old, black and white, healthy and invalid… no one was safe or spared from the scathing madman that recorded classics such as “Prime Mover” and “Backseat Education”. It was the era of the rock icon, and Zodiac was the filthiest of an already motley bunch.

  As soon as it all began everything blew apart, a fitting end to a story that not even Hollywood could have dreamed up. Since that time Zodiac Mindwarp and his longtime sidekick Cobalt Stargazer have resurfaced several times to remind the confused record buying public what makes rock ‘n’ roll so great to begin with. With the latest opus We Are Volsung, Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction have stumbled upon a rip in the fabric of time, squeezed their greasy leather clad bodies through, and have come closer than ever to recapturing the decadent perfection of their pinnacle Tattooed Beat Messiah.

  Easily the band’s heaviest and darkest collection of songs to date, right from the opening “Stark Von Oben” Zodiac Mindwarp is at his cantankerous best — provoking the audience with his signature sneer. The title track follows the same path before the ‘high priest of love’ climaxes on “We Ride”, a classic adrenaline-filled rock song. “White Trash” and “Die Pretty” are both quick bursts of attitude, clocking in at under three minutes. Finally, “Key To Your Heart” finds ‘Zed’ talking as much as singing, re-enforcing his male chauvinistic bad-boy image.

  Loosely based around the concept of Norse Gods, We Are Volsung is a triumphant return to form for Zodiac Mindwarp — completely destroying Rock Savage and even outshining 2002’s excellent I Am Rock. For a guy who blew the head off a schoolmarm in the infamous “Prime Mover” video, you wouldn’t think much more could be added to the legacy — We Are Volsung proves that wrong.

  www.myspace.com/zodiacmindwarp1 – www.spv.de

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, September 2010

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