RevLover release ‘Too Far From The Competition’ album teaser

RevLover release ‘Too Far From The Competition’ album teaser

Los Angeles based ’80s hair rockers RevLover have released an album teaser for their FnA Records album Too Fast For The Competition, which features the group’s two indie releases along with some unreleased material.

Track List for Too Fast For The Competition:
01. Wheels Of Time
02. Wind Me Up
03. What If
04. Hollywood
05. Out Of Hand
06. Keep Your Dreams Alive
07. My Heart
08. Sensationalism Sells
09. We’ll Talk You Higher
10. Push On
11. Never Say Never
12. Women
13. Livin’ On The Inside
14. Who You Gonna Love
15. Sorrow Road
16. Cactus Johnny
17. Let It Rock
18. Boys Gone Wild (live)

You can purchase RevLover‘s album Too Fast For The Competition directly from FnA Records.

RevLover‘s Too Far From The Competition album teaser:

RevLover: “Too Fast for the Competition” Album Teaser

This album is available at INTRODUCTION REVLOVER the Los Angeles based hard rock group was very much a big part of music scene in the U.S. and a Sunset Strip show-case group.