Revolution Saints likely to do third record on understanding that they will not tour

Revolution Saints likely to do third record on understanding that they will not tour

The Dead Daisies, Burning Rain and Revolution Saints guitarist Doug Aldrich was recently interviewed by Andrew Catania for All That Shreds and spoke about the Revolution Saints being a studio project only.

Aldrich stated (with slight edits): “(Laughing) Revolution Saints, man, we are going to do it, man. We are going to tour, we already have a record release party, we’re going to play at Vegas, and we’ve got the acoustic dates that Keith [St. John] and I are going to do, the only reason why it’s acoustic, is because Frontiers, they insisted that we don’t play in and around the time we’re doing the Frontiers Festival. We’re doing the Frontiers Festival on April 28th. We need to promote the record, so we’re just going to do some promotional gigs, and those gigs turned into a month long, on weekends. We could tour for three months, honestly, with the offers we’ve been getting.  We’re going to do one month, do the Frontiers Fest, and then we’ll come back to the US and do some weekend warrior stuff. Then we would love to go to Japan for a week. I’m really going to push for that.

The Dead Daisies is my day gig, it’s such a great band and I love them. I am happy that we’re taking a little break now so that everybody and regroup. And for the first time, I can promote my record properly.

You mentioned Revolution Saints and it sticks in my side a little bit,  the problem with having a group of guys, where everybody has a day gig, Deen [Castronovo] and I have the Daisies, Jack’s [Blades] got Night Ranger, and now Deen has Journey Through Time, so it makes it really difficult for Revolution Saints to do anything. I told them on the second record, I said, ‘Guys, I’m not doing a second record because we never toured on the first one. So why do another record?’ The record company said, ‘Well, we really would like you to do it because people really like the music. We don’t care that you didn’t tour.’ At first, they cared, but now they don’t care. They just want to hear more music. I was like ‘okay, that’s fair enough.’ So we made the second record and I thought, well, that’s it, and then they said we want to make a third record. So we’re probably going to do that with the understanding that we aren’t going to tour.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Doug Aldrich at All That Shreds.

Revolution Saints‘ “Light In The Dark” video:

Revolution Saints – “Light In The Dark” (Official Video) #DeenCastronovo #DougAldrich #JackBlades

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