Rhino Bucket Offers Bonus Track To Fans Who Pre-Ordered New CD


April 25, 2009

Rhino Bucket frontman Georg Dolivo has posted the following blog at georgdolivo.weebly.com regarding Canada and the bonus track available to fans that pre-ordered the band’s new CD ‘Hardest Town’.

“Hola my northern brothers and sisters,
Many of you have written me recently about getting the Bucket to cross the border into Canada and lay some of our rock on you. Well, we’d love to. We really would. But, and I mean no disrespect, your government is a little bit too uptight for the likes of us to ever get there. Some of us have a slightly checkered past and Canada, as a rule, does not want the likes of us soiling the vast forests of the Great White North. I am trying to work it all out as we have so many fine and true friends up there and I do want the band to go there. If any of you have any suggestions as to how we could get the proper permits and permissions, then, by all means, contact me!

On another note, those of you who pre-ordered the new album will be receiving a special password so that you, and only you, can download a special “For your ears only” song that is NOT on the album. The bonus track on the album, “Slip Away”, is for everybody. But this new track is only for those of you who helped us so much by pre-ordering! The password will be e-mailed to you and the download will be available on May 5th! You all rule and thank you!”

Rhino Bucket Offers Bonus Track To Fans Who Pre-Ordered New CD

Rhino Bucket’s new CD ‘Hardest Town’, the long awaited follow up to ‘And Then It Ugly’, hits the shelves on May 5. The album is being released by Acetate Records www.acetate.com and can be pre-ordered at this Amazon.com link.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and georgdolivo.weebly.com