Rhino Bucket release new song “Everything You Do” from upcoming new album

Rhino Bucket release new song “Everything You Do” from upcoming new album

Sleaze rockers Rhino Bucket have released a new song entitled “Everything You Do” from their upcoming new studio album The Last Real Rock N’ Roll, which will be released on Acetate Records on April 21, 2017.

Amazon describes Rhino Bucket as follows (with slight edits): “To put it simply, Rhino Bucket sound exactly like Bon Scott-era AC/DC, something for which the band makes no apologies. Furthermore, what could easily be passed off as mere plagiarism, becomes instead a celebration of the original masterpiece thanks to Rhino Bucket‘s bold-faced indifference and oftentimes fantastic songs. They also deserve some credit for coming up with one of the most original and bizarre names in rock history. Formed in Van Nuys, CA in 1987, Rhino Bucket perfectly replicated AC/DC‘s raw, three-chord boogie to perfection, releasing two well received records on Reprise, which included the track “Ride With Yourself” tapped by Mike Myers for the “Wayne’s World” movie. For their third release, the independently released album “Pain,” Rhino Bucket recruited former AC/DC skin-pounder Simon Wright before finally called it a day the following year…

In 2006, Rhino Bucket reformed with Brian “Damage” Forsythe (Kix) taking on the guitar duties. The result was “And Then It Got Ugly,” their first album in over a dozen years. The band returned to Europe for the first time since promoting their debut album and the lead track from the album, “Welcome To Hell,” was featured in Darren Aronofsky‘s award-winning film, “The Wrestler.” A decade and two studio albums later, the reformed Rhino Bucket continues to tour, playing packed clubs and festivals in the US and Europe. 2017 will mark the release of “The Last Real Rock n’ Roll,” a collection of ballsy, blue collar anthems produced by Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers).”

Rhino Bucket‘s “Everything You Do” song:

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