Rhino Bucket Reveal ‘Hardest Town’ Tracklist And Artwork


February 23, 2009

Rhino Bucket is joined by former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright on their follow up to 2004’s “And Then It Got Ugly.”

Joined by former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright, Rhino Bucket once again delivers their distinct brand of three chord boogie rock n’ roll unlike any other on their latest release, The Hardest Town.

2006 marked return of Rhino Bucket after a 10 year lapse, with the release of “And Then It Got Ugly”. Picking up where the band left off, they introduced their newest member, guitarist Brian “Damage” Forsythe of KIX fame. A full scale US tour followed, including dates with Supersuckers, Velvet Revolver and a performance at the infamous Rocklahoma.

2009 will bring a US tour, including the “Rock Gone Wild” festival, and performances on the European festival circuit. Rhino Bucket can be heard in the critically acclaimed Mickey Rourke film, The Wrestler, as well as MTV, Fuel TV, Knight Rider and The Unit.

Rhino Bucket Reveal Hardest Town Tracklist And Artwork

Hardest Town Track Listing:

The Hardest Town
Dog Don’T Bite
Know My Name
Street To Street
Take Me Down
No One Here
She’S With Me
You’Re Gone
To Be Mine
Slip Away

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