Rich Kid Express unveil lyric video for new single “Cold Hearted”

Rich Kid Express unveil lyric video for new single “Cold Hearted”

Rich Kid Express featuring Rob Richardson have unveiled a lyric video for their new single “Cold Hearted” along with the b-side single “Ride The Sky.” Both singles can be purchased via Rich Kid Express‘ Bandcamp page.

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in December 2020, Richardson was asked about the ‘classic rock’ label for Rich Kid Express to which he replied:

“‘Classic style hard rock’ to be exact! This was my intention from the get-go. I wanted to find a niche’ that described what Rich Kid Express was all about. I worked up the promo material for the record and described it as ”70s/’80s style classic hard rock!’ That says what it is in a nutshell. I take ’70s and ’80s influences, roll them into a ball and then squish them into a piece of plastic [laughs]. Hey, there’s your CD! I’m not re-inventing the wheel. I’m not trying to create some new form of music that will enlighten the world or change musical directions. I just write and record what I loved hearing growing up, and I try to add my own little mischievous ideas into the mix.

I don’t want to sound like any one band or be compared to any one band, but I love it when people say, ‘I hear this on this song and I hear this on that song.’ Everyone interprets a song a different way. But when you have a connection with them because of that, that makes it special. I want people to like Rich Kid Express because it reminds them of the fun they had years ago, when they didn’t have to worry about so much stuff and had less responsibilities. Being an adult is tough. Growing up and growing old is tough. What makes you happy? What brings back that feeling of your younger years? My first thought is music. It puts you in a time and place in your life. I’m just trying to carve out a new spot for those looking for new music that sounds a bit older or retro like.”

Rich Kid Express‘ “Cold Hearted” lyric video: