Richie Kotzen releases video for song “Venom”

Richie Kotzen releases video for song “Venom”

Current The Winery Dogs and former Poison and Mr. Big member Richie Kotzen has released a video for his new single “Venom.” Kotzen‘s last studio album Salting Earth dates back in 2017.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Kotzen‘s Cannibals album that was released back in 2015:

“As stated before, Cannibals is a very different album compared to what Kotzen has previously recorded — the main difference being the strong move away from guitar and towards keyboards and bass. This is not really hard rock, or even a guitar rock record, but rather a funk and soul album. It seems to me that Kotzen wanted to push the envelope this time around so he isn’t seen only as a rock guitarist. However this versatility may not appeal to his core fan-base and some people might avoid this album simply because it’s not really rock music. Personally, I am a little disappointed with the lack of stronger guitar-driven material on Cannibals — then again, 2015 will see a new Winery Dogs release, so Kotzen may be holding on to the rock oriented songs for that upcoming album.

If you are not 100% focused on rock, and don’t mind an ample amount of funk n’ soul once in a while, feel free to treat yourself to Richie Kotzen‘s new album. You will definitely be surprised… and you might even enjoy it.”

Richie Kotzen‘s “Venom” video:

Richie Kotzen-Venom (Official Video)

This is the official music video for the Richie Kotzen song Venom…