Richie Kotzen states The Winery Dogs helped many people realize that he can sing lead vocals

Richie Kotzen states The Winery Dogs helped many people realize that he can sing lead vocals

The Winery Dogs frontman and former Poison guitarist Richie Kotzen was interviewed by Ryan Witting for the Rockin You All Night podcast and he spoke about being recognized as an artist and how his career has gone up as he’s gotten older.

Kotzen opined (as transcribed by Rockin You All Night with slight edits): “I think The Winery Dogs really helped out a lot, because a lot of people knew my name, but they didn’t know what it was that I really did. I remember that they’d come out and see The Winery Dogs and say, ‘Oh man!  I didn’t know you sang.’ and I’d say ‘Well I have 20 records out with me singing, and I do pretty well for myself singing as a singer. I’ve made my living from writing my songs more than anything and selling my records.'” Kotzen then stated, “It was kind of shocking [when he’d hear that people didn’t know he was a singer]. It would hit me and I’d say ‘Really?  O.K.  Well, now you know.'” In conclusion, Kotzen added, “My career has actually been going up as I get older, which is good.”

Kotzen also spoke about not getting the proper support for his music career as he stated: “I think a lot of my songs, not only ‘Walk With Me,’ I think I have many, many, many, many, many, many songs that could have done very very well commercially, had I been a part of ‘The Machine’. You know, there’s a ‘Machine?’  There’s gate keepers and there’s a ‘Machine’ in the music business. That’s really how it works. So many people ask me, ‘Why is that popular and this isn’t? …and this should be here, and that should be there.’ The people that decide are the gatekeepers in the business. They can’t force you to like something, but what they can do is present you with something, and sell it to you, and make you aware of it. So, you need that ‘Machine,’ otherwise you’re just kind of out there. Thankfully, I’ve been able to make this career by just doing the same thing over and over; just writing songs, making records, touring, writing songs, making a record, touring. I don’t think I’m really missing much.”

Richie Kotzen‘s “Walk With Me” video:

Walk with Me (Richie Kotzen) Official iphone music video

This is the music video for the Richie Kotzen song ‘Walk With Me’. This song will appear on the up coming September (2014) release ‘The Essential Richie Kotz…

You can hear the entire interview with Richie Kotzen at the Rockin You All Night podcast.

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