Richie Sambora explains his decision to leave Bon Jovi + has a new record on the way

Richie Sambora explains his decision to leave Bon Jovi + has a new record on the way

Former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora was recently interviewed by People [Magazine].

The guitarist explained his controversial decision to leave Bon Jovi back in 2013. He indicated (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx):

“It was a tough decision. I had to leave that band and then, I had to leave my fans too so it was a decision that had to be made. it wasn’t a popular decision by any means [smiling] obviously, but at the end, there really wasn’t a choice. I am really glad that I did it. It certainly worked out for our family. [Sambora‘s ex-wife] Heather [Locklear] is doing very, very well now. [Sambora‘s daughter] Ava‘s doing just phenomenally. I am still making music and writing songs. I’m getting better. I practice more now than I did since I was a kid, you know. I mean, I’m continuing — I taught myself how to play so I’m continuing to teach myself a lot of different things. I’m writing crazily and it’s going well. I’m writing with a lot of other artists beside myself, and you know, playing piano better than I have ever played. I’m just taking the time trying to get better at everything.

You know, I have a new record coming out. Looking forward for that. Hopefully, this will open up so that we can go out and play live again because myself, ┬álike a lot of us musicians, that’s what we live for — going out there and bouncing it off the people. It’s very, very important. It’s interesting because you know you’re touching people. You’re making people happy right in front of your face. Seventy – eighty thousand people are losing their minds with happiness. They’re dancing together and crying. The memories, that’s you know — being that songwriter and writing those songs, being a part of people’s lives — the soundtrack of people’s lives is great, great pleasure. It’s something that I am very, very proud of. It’s something that I take seriously and then again, not seriously [smiling].”

You can read the article / interview with Richie Sambora at the People‘s website.