Richie Sambora up to playing with Bon Jovi at R&R Hall of Fame and hopes Alec John Such joins them

Richie Sambora up to playing with Bon Jovi at R&R Hall of Fame and hopes Alec John Such joins them

Bon Jovi were announced as one of five performers to be induced at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, USA on April 14, 2018 and of course, questions quickly surfaced on whether former band members — guitarist Richie Sambora and bassist Alec John Such — would be taking part in the ceremony and also playing live with the band during the occasion.

Sambora was recently interviewed by RollingStone upon the news that Bon Jovi were getting inducted and was asked whether he thought that the band would reunite and perform at the ceremony. Sambora replied: “I would imagine so. Nobody has called me yet or anything like that, but I would imagine that would be the protocol. Don’t you? I would think so. Of course, I’d be obliged.”

In terms of whether Alec John Such would be showing up, Sambora advised: “I hope so! Yeah, man. I hope so. He was my roommate, man. He was my guy. We lost contact with him a little while ago. He was always a ghost, man. He was always one of those cats that was a mystery. That was his trip and he held that mystique very, very well. He was the Keith Richards of our band. He’s a cool, straight-up individual and I hope we get ahold of him somehow.” In regard to when he last spoke to John Such, Sambora stated: “It was a long time ago. We were playing a show and he showed up and came onstage and jam.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Sambora at RollingStone.

John Such played on the first five Bon Jovi albums with the last one being Keep The Faith in 1992 while Sambora played on all Bon Jovi albums except the last two — Burning Bridges (2015) and This House Is Not For Sale (2017).

Jon Bon Jovi was recently interviewed by the SiriusXM show Feedback and asked whether he would be “open to a family reunion” at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to which he stated (as transcribed by Blabbermouth): “Absolutely. I had envisioned for 20 years, if this day had come, to call Alec Such, wherever he is — I gotta put the Bat Signal up in the sky somewhere to find him… But the same invite will absolutely be extended to Richie. I think that everybody who helped me and us get to this place should celebrate the moment. He’s absolutely invited to join us onstage with the current guys.”