Richie Sambora’s Ex-Girlfriend Denies Prostitute Claims

Richie Sambora’s Ex-Girlfriend Denies Prostitute Claims

August 19, 2011

Richie Sambora's Ex-Girlfriend Denies Prostitute ClaimsLast month the scandal ridden and now defunct News Of The World ran a story claiming that Richie Sambora’s ex-girlfriend was a ‘ £1,000-an-hour tart who peddles cocaine’. The woman in question, Brazilian model and actress Yasmin Mitri, has contacted to explain that, while she did in fact date the Bon Jovi guitarist, the story was a bunch of lies and she plans on taking legal action.

“The article was a huge trap made by News Of The World to sell a story after Richie left rehab,” Mitri tells Sleaze Roxx. “The reporter got my number from an ex girlfriend of mine who introduced me to Richie. She was an overly jealous super fan who used to date Bon Jovi’s brother, and when I asked Richie to never speak to her again she sold the news to the reporter alleging that I was a hooker.

The reporter told me he was a movie producer who made Slumdog Millionaire and that he would be able to help manage my career, and of course use my relationship with Richie to boost my profile. He asked if he could do a photoshoot with me to send to a magazine so he could help my career and write an article about me.

The article alleges that I offered sex — including a threesome with another girl — in exchange for money. At no point did I bring up the subject of sex. Any mention of the subject was only as a result of considerable leading by the reporter concerned. Neither did I discuss any fees for sexual services.

When the film producer (reporter) asked me whether I worked as an escort, I told him quite clearly that I am not an escort. However, he persisted with this line of questioning, and mentioned that he knew of various wealthy friends of his who were prepared to pay for sex and asked if I knew of any other girls in this context for a forthcoming party. Again, I said that I would not be able to help him. He also mentioned that he knew the name of a well known London madam — who I am aware of — however I categorically denied that I had ever worked for her when he asked. When asked if I would call this lady and arrange for her to provide escorts, again I refused. At no point did he directly ask for sex — nor did I ever offer sex.”

The escort profile referred to in the original article, of a girl named Genevive, is clearly not Yasmin Mitri. Photos on the profile are that of a Victoria’s Secret model, which lead one to believe it is a fake.

“He then went on to ask about drugs”, continues Mitri, “and enquired if I had ever taken any form of illegal substances. I said that, although I do not smoke and have never even tried marijuana, that I did try cocaine once about five months ago. Also I would like to add that Richie never drank ANYTHING with me and that we are only good friends now. Richie doesn’t do ANY drugs! This has obviously increased any media interest in me — but our relationship was never a secret. Richie has always supported me in my career”

I admit that I made a gross error of judgment in my claims to say I tried cocaine — however that does not make me ‘cocaine peddler’ as the article suggests. And although I was aware that my ex girlfriend had worked as an escort, it was actually me who introduced her to an agent so that she could further her own acting ambitions. Knowing that one of your ex friends or acquaintances is an escort, does not make me one myself.

I have to say that I got extremely ill with this news story, and by how embarrassing and shameful it is to have this article out there — and not knowing how to defend myself from such terrible lies. I know I was very naive, but this caused me sooo much grief, and my career could be over now. Imagine that I left my home and all my family and friends to study hard and pursue my dreams only to have people like this girl and reporter destroy my life for nothing.”

Mitri is hoping to move on with her life and pursue her acting and modeling. Photos of the REAL Yasmin Mitri can be found on her modeling agency website at, while a list of her acting credits can be seen at

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