Rikki Rockett hopes that Poison will have new music and members to have meetings on band future

Rikki Rockett hopes that Poison will have new music and members to have meetings on band future

Poison drummer Rikki Rockett was interviewed by Anne Erickson for Audio Ink Radio with Anne back in early June 2018 and spoke a little bit about what’s next for the band once its tour with Cheap Trick is done.

In terms of whether there will be any new music from Poison on the way, Rockett stated: “I sure hope so! I don’t have an announcement about that, but we have talked about that, and we are going to have more meetings about the future of Poison very soon, and you will definitely be informed about that when it comes.”

In regard to what makes Poison and Cheap Trick a good fit for a tour bill, Rockett opined: “On a very simple level, I think it’s awesome that a fan can come and see all those songs and hear all those hits being performed live by the people who wrote them and performed them on the record, and I think that’s super important these days. A lot of times , you go see a new band, and It’s great, but you know one song. With this, you get a lot of stuff. You get a couple of hours worth of hit songs. I think that’s the appeal.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Poison‘s tour stop in Toronto, Ontario, Canada back in June 2018: “Overall, while I thought that Poison‘s set was a little on the short side (probably one hour and 15 minutes with three solo features), it was a lot of fun and it really felt like there was a great party atmosphere. In a nutshell, Poison brought the party to Toronto and made a usually uneventful Tuesday night feel like a raucous Saturday night. You can’t ask for anymore than that from any entertainer. I am definitely not waiting another ten years before I go see Poison play live again.”

Interview with Rikki Rockett by Audio Ink Radio with Anne:

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