Rikki Rockett recalls time when Bret Michaels passed out with groupie and his pants down

Rikki Rockett recalls time when Bret Michaels passed out with groupie and his pants down

RollingStone recently interviewed the Poison band members — singer Bret Michaels, drummer Rikki Rockett, bassist Bobby Dall and guitarist C.C. DeVille — who are back together touring North America on a blockbuster bill with Def Leppard and Tesla.

The interview by RollingStone touched on a number of subjects including Michaels going out touring as a solo act but while playing Poison songs. Dall was quoted as saying, “Yeah, if I’m being honest… I think it’d bother anybody. And if anybody in the band tells you otherwise, I’d think they’re lying.” DeVille was noted as stating, “I would like to be out there as well, but, no, it does not piss me off. Bret just loves to work. He likes to have 10 things going at once.” Michaels was noted as responding, “There’s no malicious reason I do it. It’s just in addition to what I do with Poison.”

Rockett eventually went back down memory lane to before Poison broke it big and shared one story involving some groupies and Michaels. The following are excerpts of the interview / article from RollingStone in that regard:

“Pretty soon, Rockett is telling a story about Michaels from the band’s pre-glory days, when they all lived in a warehouse where “you could hear the other guy fucking and farting and everything else” and where one night he and Michaels brought back two girls and started going at it. “So, I’m with this girl and after three or four minutes, she says to me, ‘Is something wrong with your singer?’ Because Bret‘s over on the other side of the room with his girl and she’s whimpering. I walk over and he’d completely passed out. His pants were down, and he’d fallen asleep on top of her, so I grabbed his pants and the top of his shirt and pulled him off. It was like pulling two dogs apart. Know what I mean?”

Just in time to get the gist of the tale, Michaels wanders over and says, “See, this is how it starts. Now we’re going to beat the shit out of each other. But, yeah, I literally passed out on her.”

Rockett says, “I just heard the whimpering, and she was just a petite little thing, maybe of the Asian persuasion, I can’t remember, but Bret’s not this huge guy. . . .”

Michaels cuts in loudly.

“Hey, hey, wait, wait,” he barks. “Watch your wording here. But, OK, I’m stepping out of this. This is going to go bad.” And he does leave. But he can only stay away for so long before he sidles back to say, “I just want to let you know I didn’t pass out on every fucking groupie, OK? This one time I passed out” – after which it seems like his ego leaves him no choice but to add, “And, then, well, I came to and finished.”

For the most part, he says he prefers to call Poison‘s groupies, past and present, “superawesome female rock fans, and it takes two to tango, two to party and two to fuck. I mean, early in my career, it was a fucking megaparty, but I was single and I was with women that were single. You know what I’m getting at?””

You can read the rest of the interview with Poison at RollingStone.