Rikki Rockett’s Drum Works Signs Phil Varone


February 27, 2009

Ex-“Skid Row” drummer, Phil Varone signed an endorsement deal with Rockett Drum Works, Inc. last night. Varone, who is about embark on a tour with ex band mates “Saigon Kick” has also made quite a name for himself in the comedy world. Phil was also the focus of a shocking documentary, “Waking Up Dead” that profiled the life of a touring drummer wrapped up in the trappings of rock stardom during the Skid Row years.(More at: http://philvarone.net)

“Phil was my buddy on the Poison /Skid Row tour several years ago.” Says, Rockett Drum Works President and Poison drummer, Rikki Rockett. “This was a guy who repeatedly abused himself and still came on stage and did an amazing job every night.Now that he is sober, the sky isn’t even the limit!”

Phil will take a custom Rockett Drum Works all maple kit finished in silver glass glitter on the Saigon Kick tour this summer.

Rockett Drum Works, has also recently signed ex- Gun’s and Roses drummer, Steven Adler from “Adler’s Appetite”, Jamie Follese from the new emo band, “Hot Chele Rae” on Jive records, Madi Taylor from “The Ramies” and several others. Rockett Drum Works, Inc. is an American drum company owned by Rikki Rockett and staffed by drummers who pride themselves in high quality, ultra custom drums.(www.RockettDrumWorks.com)

Rikki Rockett and Phil Varone

Phil Varone Bio:

Phil Varone is an accomplished drummer, music producer and songwriter best known for his work with the bands Saigon Kick and Skid Row.

Varone was born on Long Island, New York and began his fascination with the entertainment business at a very young age. Phil began playing percussion in grade school at the age of 7 and continued into the beginning years of junior high. As a teen, he learned how to play drums. Self taught, he credits listening to his favorite bands and drummers to develop his skills. Although music was an important part of his life, it was just one of his childhood dreams which included acting and stand up comedy. Listening to music, comedy records and watching movies became Phil’s favorite past time.

After moving to Fort Lauderdale in 1980, he began playing in various local bands. In 1988, he joined together with some of his friends and formed Saigon Kick. The band signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records in just two short years. They earned a Gold Record for the album, “The Lizard” as well as a Billboard top 10 single for the song, “Love is On the Way”. In 1996, Saigon Kick disbanded and Varone stayed busy producing and doing studio work for a variety of artists.

In 2000, Varone joined multi-platinum recording artists Skid Row. Together they toured the world with Kiss, Poison, Def Leppard and Tesla and along the way recorded a new record, “Thick Skin”. Additionally, the band produced “Under the Skin: The Making of Thick Skin” which was internationally distributed on DVD.

In 2004, Phil left Skid Row and the music business to pursue acting and stand up comedy. After moving to Los Angeles, he spent the first two years producing and starring In the feature length documentary, “Waking Up Dead” which was released on DVD June, 2007.

Currently he is writing and developing tv shows around his passion for cooking, comedy and music. Phil’s other passion for acting and has lead to roles on Californication (showtime), a commercial for Nokia Cellular and an appearance on NBC’s Identity, E TV and various short films.

Phil also lectures in colleges throughout the United States and is the creator and host of the popular “Sex Stand Up And Rock And Roll Show”.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.myspace.com/rikkirockett