Riley’s L.A. Guns drop new single “Rewind”

Riley’s L.A. Guns drop new single “Rewind”

Riley’s L.A. Guns consisting of bassist Kelly Nickels, drummer Steve Riley, frontman Kurt Frohlich and lead guitarist Scott Griffin have unveiled their latest single “Rewind” from their upcoming studio album The Dark Horse, which will be released via Golden Robot Records sometime in 2023.

Dustin Hardman‘s press release indicates in part:

Riley’s L.A. Guns have today released their latest single ‘Rewind’ via Golden Robot Records, featuring Steve RileyKelly NickelsScott Griffin and Kurt Frohlich. This is the second track from the band leading up to their highly anticipated new album The Dark Horse.

‘Rewind’ tackles the complex relationship lulls surrounding infidelity.

“This track is about how something so sweet can turn so sour,” says bassist Kelly Nickels. 

It’s a tale as old as time; finding someone really special and becoming involved, then as time passes you learn they are cheating on you and stringing you along with lies. The feeling of frustration sinks in as you realise you have to end it and wish you could go back and “rewind” and make different decisions.

“As expected, another blistering assault by Riley’s L.A. Guns. I cannot wait for the world to hear their second album – it will definitely set them apart from all others,” says Golden Robot Global Entertainment Founder and CEO Mark Alexander-Erber.

Riley’s L.A. Guns‘ “Rewind” single: