RIP Magazine Website Officially Launches


September 1, 2009

RIP Magazine Website Officially LaunchesDear Friends and Fans of RIP Magazine & Lonn Friend:

We are excited to announce that the long-awaited on-line home and ‘resting place’ for the archives of the iconic RIP Magazine has been officially launched.

The RIP Store is now OPEN! Time to step up and wear the RIP shirt and headgear again!

We are launching this great site with just a small fraction of the archival photos, videos and audio files from back in the day with a great deal more content to follow!We are also building a bibliography of all of the issues, scanning them and getting them up on the site. As requested, we are bringing back the vaunted ‘RIP Girls’! We have begun our search for our 2010 ‘RIP Calendar Girls’ with a contest that is now under way. Please Send us a current picture and enter now ladies! You could win $1,000!

We also invite you to JOIN the site as a ‘member’. This will enable you to access the exclusive content that is being added daily. Come back often to browse or leave us a note. Our objective of the site is to build an active on-line RIP community of the true fans, past and present. Also, we are interested in seeing the next generation of hard rock/heavy metal fans step forward, grab the torch and shout it out loud.

Rip Magazine may be dead…but it is still vibrating!

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