Road Ratt Returning With New Material


April 4, 2008

Contracts have been signed and the Devil (plus some hairproduct companies) is tap-dancing on the graves of boy bands and glossy R’n’B products. You better lock up your mothers ’cause they still remember the effect a Road Ratt album has on innocent, young rock and roll girls and on the boys that lust for those same girls…

Don’t let your parents stop you from buying the CD coming out this spring/summer or the re-release of the old-school album coming shortly after.

Start growing your hair NOW and you’ll get it just right in time for the world wide launch of the non-existing band, the phenomenon – ROAD RATT!

We’ll be back with further details shortly. Until then – grow hair and grow a spine.

Love Road Ratt & Sun City Records

Road Ratt – Itsypooked – 1993

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