Road Ratt Returning With Previously Unreleased Material


January 29, 2008

Swedish rockers Road Ratt, who emerged in the final hours of MTV-hairband glory by releasing their debut in late 1992, have posted the following bulletin on their myspace page:

Since we’re all quite busy with our present careers involving Freak Kitchen, Timo Raisanen, C.Aarme, Gods Favorite, solo albums, filmmaking & so on – all things concerning good ol’ Road Ratt takes some time. But here’s finaly some great news!!!

An album containing 10-15 year old – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED – songs are good to go & within the next 2-4 months & it will be avalible worldwide so start saving your nickles kids :). Only thing left for us to do is to figure out what papers to sign, no biggie…

In the mean time there’s now six songs in the player for your entertainment. Please give us your opinion as to wich one is YOUR favorite. There just might be a video in the pipeline & YOU decide for what song…

Til’ next time – keep that hair spiky, them jeans tight & the volume at 11!

Looking forward to hearing from you – love RR

Road Ratt – Itsypooked – 1993

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