Road Ratt Working On Previously Unreleased Second Album


May 8, 2008

From the fantastic rock ‘n’ roll nation of Sweden, is were we find Suncity Records’ second signing of the month, Road Ratt.

The story behind Road Ratt is quite an extensive one, so I will try and make it as brief as possible. Road Ratt formed in Gothenburg, Sweden as IcewingIcewing briefly changed to Hot ‘N’ Spicy before a British bikers-gang inspired the permanent change to Road Ratt. The band added the extra “t” in Ratt to have equal amount of letters in both words for the logo to look balanced.

With Ola Johansson (Bass) and Patrik Herrstrom (Drums) as replacements the band participated in an international band contest called Band Explosion. Out of 800 Scandinavian contenders, Road Ratt reached Top-4, and it was at that time when the local press started to take notice. Determined not to be a talent show phenomenon, Road Ratt now focused on their live act and on writing new material for a second demo.

Road Ratt

1992 was when Road Ratt really put their mark on the music scene with the release of their debut album “Reel 2”. Nominated for a Swedish Grammy in the category Best Hard Rock Album along with Electric Boys, Candlemass and Sator, Road Ratt ended up losing out to Sator.

In 1993 the band were nominated for Best Newcomer and Best Album at Swedish Zeppelin-Awards. Losing out this time to Clawfinger in both cases. Road Ratt however performed live at the event broadcasted by M.T.V.’s Headbangers Ball. The Headbangers Ball episode hosted by Vanessa Warwick featured a lengthy interview with the band and the international premiere for their Itsypooked video.

After the tour, work began on a second album but the Grunge Scene was taking over and the band members started on side projects resulting in lack of commitment. The album with the working title “Young Nurses In Love” never made the finish line, and the saga was over.

Now back by popular demand in 2008, the band have teamed up with Suncity Records and work has finished on the final touches of their unreleased second album now entitled “You Love Us”.

Sound Sample
Road Ratt – Going To Eden

To me, Road Ratt’s “You Love Us” album sounds uncannily like U.S. hard rocker Saigon Kick’s much acclaimed album “The Lizard”. This is an album that really grows on you over time and is sure to make waves in the Hard Rock scene. Check out the featured track on the album called “Going To Eden”.

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