Roadkill release new “Road Warrior” edition of video for “Head On”

Roadkill release new “Road Warrior” edition of video for “Head On”

Australian hard rockers Roadkill have released a new version of their video for their song “Head On.” This version is dubbed the “Road Warrior” edition. The group’s original video for “Head On” was released back on October 15, 2016.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Roadkill‘s latest studio album E X T I N C T which features the track “Head On”:  “Roadkill close off E X T I N C T with their heaviest track on the album. The song’s introduction is quite deceptive with the harmonica intro making you think you’re about to hear a Billy Joel classic before Roadkill hit the pedal to the metal. “Head On” reminds me for some reason of Accept and has all the features of a heavy metal cruncher.

I was at first quite surprised to see Melodic Rock Records being the label behind Roadkill‘s heavy metal opus of E X T I N C T but upon listening to it, I have come to the realization that Melodic Rock Records principal Andrew McNeice must have come to the same realization as me. Roadkill have simply come up with some brilliant old school classic heavy metal and anyone hearing the band’s new album E X T I N C T should be able to appreciate that.”

Roadkill‘s “Head On” (Road Warrior edition) video:

ROADKILL (Australia) – HEAD ON (Official Music Video) – ‘ROAD WARRIOR EDITION’

ROADKILL’s ‘Road Warrior’ video version of the song, ‘Head On’ off the band’s CD, “E X T I N C T”!Audio produced by Joe Haley (Psycrotic) Video edited by Ted…