Roadkill release video for title track of new upcoming album ‘Ruled By Machines’

Roadkill release video for title track of new upcoming album ‘Ruled By Machines’

Australia based rockers Roadkill have released their first video for a song emanating from their new upcoming album Ruled By Machines, which will be released via Melodic Rock Records on November 2, 2018.

Track List for Ruled By Machines:
01. Ruled By Machines
02. Last Stop Before Hell
03. Breaking All The Rules
04. Here Comes Trouble
05. Blood Sweat & Tears
06. Love At First Bite
07. Looking For Love
08. Prime Evil
09. Voodoo Woman
10. Fighting The Demons
11. Breakout

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in early 2017, Roadkill frontman Neil Wilson advised how the band got its name:

“Tasmania is abundent with wild life — be it tasmanian devils, possoms, wombats, wallabys and unfortunately many are killed by motor vehicles running over them and they end up as “roadkill” on the highways, hence the name for the band!” Wilson continued: “It seemed appropriate, as the band plays old school hard rock music, which is hated by everyone within Tasmania’s music industry, who are bias totally towards any music outside the “alternative” genre! The metal scene is no better as the majority of metal bands in Tasmania today are all modern “dog barking” style — death, black, hardcore, etc. Again, they dislike us but they love the “name” bands. It’s just bullshit and politics!

Roadkill‘s “Ruled By Machines” video:

ROADKILL (Australia) – RULED BY MACHINES (Official Music Video)

Opening song, title track and first video off the new Joe Haley produced CD, “Ruled By Machines” – a song written about humanity’s insatiable lust for techno…