Roadkill to reissue sold out album ‘Profanity & Innuendo’ with bonus tracks

Roadkill to reissue sold out album ‘Profanity & Innuendo’ with bonus tracks

Australian hard rockers Roadkill will be reissuing their sold out album Profanity & Innuendo with bonus tracks in July 2017.

The following message was posted in part on Roadkill‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Due to the success of ROADKILL‘s latest CD, E X T I N C T” – the bands’ previous studio album, “Profanity & Innuendo” has now officially SOLD OUT!

A new 16 track ‘re-booted version’ of “Profanity & Innuendo” (PAI) which is re-mastered by ‘Extinct‘ producer Joe Haley who has given the product, a far more consistent sound and will be issued in JULY.

The CD will include a new booklet, containing lyrics, new photos but will retain the much liked cartoon cover art!

The ‘extra’ songs are from the the 2 previous different versions of the PAI released in 2012 and 2013 – both now being out-of-print and will include two songs – previously unreleased!

The running order of the songs has also been reshuffled.”

Track List for reissued Profanity & Innuendo:
01. Sex Drugs Rock N Roll
02. Dirty Girls
03. Some Kinda Monster
04. Back Stabbers
05. Every Dog Has It’s Day
06. Crash & Burn
07. Smack
08. Rude, Crude & Tattooed
09. Ribbed For Your Pleasure
10. Lovin’ You Is A Biohazard
11. No More (previously unreleased)*
12. Two Dogs
13. Road To Hell (previously unreleased)
14. Self Destruction **
15. Every Dog Has It’s Day (original version)
16. Cocksuckers **

* No More – was a ‘hidden’ track on the 2012 PAI.
** Self Destruction and Cocksuckers – were on the 2012 release but were omitted from the 2013 version.

Roadkill‘s “Rude, Crued & Tattooed” video (in black and white):

ROADKILL (Australia) – Rude Crude & Tattooed (Official Music Video) [Black & White Version]

ROADKILL’s ‘official’ video clip from the bands’ 2nd album, “Profanity & Innuendo” (2012) in an alternative black & white format.Originally recorded by Micha…

Roadkill‘s “Rude, Crued & Tattooed” video (in colour):

ROADKILL (Australia) – Rude, Crude & Tattooed (OFFICIAL VIDEO 2014)

Singer Neil Steel – also sings for ROADKILL (Australia) and this is their ‘official’ video for the song, ‘Rude Crude & Tattooed’ – from the bands’ second alb…