Roadkill to release ‘Lock Down’ EP on July 4th

Roadkill to release ‘Lock Down’ EP on July 4th

Tasmania rockers Roadkill will be releasing their new EP Lock Down on July 4, 2020, which consists of re-recordings of some of their past songs along with a cover of AC/DC‘s “Touch Too Much” as a bonus track.

Track List for Lock Down EP:
01. Get Outta of My Way
02. Dirty Girls
03. Breaking All The Rules
04. What The Hell
05. In The Dark
06. Ready For War
Bonus Track:
07. Touch Too Much

The following message was posted in part on Roadkill‘s Facebook page back on June 28, 2020 (with slight edits):

Roadkill‘s new 7 track 2020 release titled, “Lock Down” – will be uploaded this Saturday, July 4 (Independence Day) via their ‘Band Camp’ page – with other platforms to follow.

The title obviously came from the current crisis of ‘lock downs’ due to the world wide pandemic!

The new E.P./mini album, features 7 songs including new re-recordings of two of Roadkill‘s earlier tunes as well as four songs from both the band’s recent albums and a ‘bonus’ track being a cover of AC/DC‘s ‘Touch Too Much’!

Producer Joe Haley – who produced both the ‘Extinct‘ (2016) and ‘Ruled By Machines‘ (2018) CD’s has again produced the new product and ALL the songs – have been completely re-mixed from their original versions!

The hard copy (CD) will be available in August with pre-sale orders being announced next weekend and will be via the band’s own label, Two Dogs Records Inc. (Australia).

A video for the song, “In The Dark” – will be uploaded in August as well.”

Roadkill‘s version of AC/DC‘s song “Touch Too Much”: