Roadkill unleash lyric video for single “In The Dark”

Roadkill unleash lyric video for single “In The Dark”

Aussie rockers Roadkill consisting of frontman Neil “Steel” Wilson, guitarists Zig and James Basser, bassist Ted Tedington and drummer Brendan “Squid” Sheverton have unleashed their first lyric video and for their track “In The Dark” from their EP Lock Down.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of the EP Lock Down:

“Independently dropping a solid lot of rocking records between 2007 and 2015 garnered Roadkill a brief relationship with Melodic Rock Records. Three years, two releases (2016’s Extinct and 2018’s Ruled by Machines) as well as many favorable reviews worldwide only led to the realization that the band was far more of a promotional and merchandise sales force than the label prompting a jump to Roadkill‘s current home, Two Dogs, Inc. The result was Lock Down — a seven song CD of previously released tracks remixed by the band’s regular producer Joe Haley — topped with a couple new rocking originals and the band’s fresh take on “Touch Too Much.”

With Lock Down, Roadkill give a second chance to songs from the two albums reportedly ignored during their time at Melodic Rock Records and the boost is not only obvious but depending on personal taste, likely an unplanned blessing in disguise. While not as full and raw as the original versions on Extinct, “What The Hell”, “Ready For War,” and “In the Dark” are given a slight bit of technical facelift making them bombastically perfect for hard rock radio. While in spots, the AC/DC influence is there, it’s just a touch (but not too much) of the loose ballsy sexy Bon Scott era rock stuff.”

Roadkill‘s “In The Dark” lyric video: