Rob De Luca feels Sebastian Bach is one of the best at just being able to turn it on for a live show

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Rob De Luca feels Sebastian Bach is one of the best at just being able to turn it on for a live show

Spread Eagle, Skid Row and UFO bassist Rob De Luca was recently interviewed by Chuck Shute for the Chuck Shute Podcast.

On working with former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, De Luca indicated (as provided by the Chuck Shute Podcast with slight edits): “He’s just the way he is. He’s intense. He wears everything on his sleeve. [If] He’s, really into something, he’s very passionate about it. And, if he’s not, he’s very clear about that. But he also has a lot of energy.

So you have to understand that when he is really into something or really against something, he’s going to come at you with a lot of energy about that issue with that thing. And once you understand that about him, you appreciate it, and he’s one of the best I’ve ever seen it just turning it on being able to turn it on. No matter how bad a day [he’s] had, or if he hasn’t slept, he gets up there and you would never know, it was just so instantaneous about turning into that, and I respect and I want to be out there playing. I want to work because music is employment. It’s like I said, it’s fun, it’s social, but having said that, I would love to see him be back in Skid Row, because I know the feeling I got when I put Spread Eagle back together.”

In terms of UFO reuniting with guitarist Michael Schenker and/or former band members, De Luca opined: “Again, I’m not the person to ask about that. They don’t dislike Michael, either. The problem, the vibe I get when I’m there is that they just don’t think these shows will happen with other people. They’re not confident other people will show up. Because Michael quit the band  three times. And at times, left them in a lurch where they’re mid-tour. They could explain it better than me. But if anyone thinks these people hate each other, they absolutely do not. It’s just when you sign contracts to do a tour, and someone doesn’t show up, it puts the people who do show up in a really bad position. And I think all these years, they just haven’t thought that certain people would show up and be able to do the job. Vinnie [Moore] has been there for all those years holding the torch and making it… The band lost a lot of confidence for years because of those people quitting… Those people not being able to play to their standards. So, it took a lot of years with Vinnie to build that confidence again, and you have to respect that.”

You can listen to the interview with Rob De Luca on the Chuck Shute Podcast below: