Rob De Luca thinks that Sebastian Bach is sometimes just really misunderstood

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Rob De Luca thinks that Sebastian Bach is sometimes just really misunderstood

In a new interview with Sleaze Roxx, Spread Eagle, UFO and Sebastian Bach bassist Rob De Luca was asked how the ex-Skid Row frontman is as a person given that the duo have been touring together for the last 15 years but some of Bach‘s former

Skid Row bandmates have not been willing to reunite with him.

De Luca stated: “Well, first off, he is one of the best frontmen out there and he’s such a pro when it comes to how professional he is. I can see him in a really bad mood or having a bad day, or something has gone really wrong, and he hits that stage, and no one would ever know it. And really, it’s a lesson to watch how he just turns it on and shows everyone such a good time. So you know, in some ways, dealing with what the guys in Skid — I don’t know the guys in Skid Row. I’ve only met Rob Affuso. He’s really nice. Those other guys, I don’t know them. I can’t really speak for them but I think that sometimes, Baz is just really misunderstood. That might be the case. He’s so into it that it’s hard to slow him down some of his energy and enthusiasm. I think that sometimes, people misunderstand that. And also, he doesn’t hide anything hold back. You know where you stand with him. I think that a combination of those things, people might not see a lot of people like that because everyone is so politically correct, calculated. So it might confuse some people. But at least with him, you know what you’re getting and he’s honest about it.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Rob De Luca via this link.