Rob DeLuca and Ray West explain why other original Spread Eagle members didn’t play on new album

Rob DeLuca and Ray West explain why other original Spread Eagle members didn’t play on new album

Spread Eagle bassist Rob DeLuca and frontman Ray West were recently interviewed by Chad Vice for the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast. The duo were asked how come original Spread Eagle band members Paul DiBartolo (guitar) and Tommi Gallo (drums) are not part of the band’s new Subway To The Stars, which was recently released via Frontiers Music Srl on August 9, 2019.

West advised: “I think Rob can answer this best, because Rob was kind of in touch with Paul through the years; Tommi sort of just came out of the clouds.” DeLuca chimed in [to West]: “Do you want to talk about Tommi and then I’ll talk about Paul?”

West then indicated: “Yeah, yeah, what I noticed, I saw Tommi‘s presence on Facebook. So I guess he had a very hard time with some personal things. He was, you know, he had some personal family issues or whatever, and I won’t get into that. But, it seems to me, I found him, you know, on social media everyday posting something, and he seemed like he was snapping out of it, getting back into the whole social thing. So it was great to do that. So we just reached out, but I know Rob had reached out to Tommi in the past about doing work with us, you know, but Tommi was just in a bad place. Right Rob?”

DeLuca added: “That’s almost completely true, but I did try to reach out to Tommi for about 10 years, and he wouldn’t get back to me or anyone. He just didn’t want to be in touch with… going back to what I said earlier, we didn’t have any problems or anything like that, at least I know I didn’t, between us, you know, between each other. It’s just Tommi was in a place where he was in a relationship and he didn’t have social media. He didn’t have a cell phone. He didn’t have an email account. He was in a bubble. So, I’m in touch with his daughter, who’s my god-daughter, quite a bit. And I was trying to get ahold of him throughout the years, and he just wasn’t interested in getting ahold of anyone, let alone me. But as Ray said, he came out of his bubble, and he got on social media, and he contacted me, but that was just a year ago, you know, the band broke up in ’95, whatever it was, ’94, ’95, ’96. So, and yes, I was in touch with Paul DiBartolo, who changed his name to Salvador Poe, all these years, and he was not interested. But I actually asked him three times.”

West concluded: “You know, now we all correspond, which is great. You know, now I have conversations with Tommi. And I correspond with Paul, which I hadn’t done in a long time. So it’s nice to just have that chapter sort of closed.”

DiBartolo¬†played on Spread Eagle‘s first two albums — Spread Eagle (1990) and Open To The Public (1993) — while Gallo played on the debut.

You can read the rest of the interview with Rob DeLuca and Ray West by Chad Vice¬†via Sebcamco‘s website.

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