Rob Halford thinks Priest will complete bulk of new album by year’s end

Rob Halford thinks Priest will complete bulk of new album by year’s end

The metal “God” Rob Halford has advised in a recent interview with the Metal Shock Finland website and published today that Judas Priest will likely have the bulk of a new album completed by year’s end.

Rob Halford photoThe following are excerpts from the interview conducted by Metal Shock Finland:

When asked about new material to come from our metal legends, Rob revealed:

“The writing sessions will come first and I think much like any band, you start off the day in a writing session and you’ve got nothing you know. You turn the amps on and you start riffing and jamming and maybe by the end of the day you’ve got something that will turn into a really good piece of music, that’ll potentially last forever. So that creative side of Priest is as strong as it ever was and we’re all very very pumped up and thrilled for the opportunity that’s about to come to us again. There’s a new Priest record on the way and when it’s ready we’ll be letting everyone know it’s on the horizon. I would like to think that by the end of this year we’ll have the bulk of it created, but you can’t say for certain. The thing about Priest is that we treasure everything that we do, we so love being in this band Judas Priest. We can guarantee that we’ll give you a big solid dose of Priest metal!”

You can read the entire interview at Metal Shock Finland.