Rob Zombie Shocked By Ozzy’s Rare Pop Album Treat


November 14, 2007

Rob Zombie was left amazed the first time he met his hero Ozzy Osbourne – because the rock veteran star played him excerpts from a lost album. Zombie first met the former Black Sabbath singer in the mid 1990s, and he wasn’t expecting Osbourne to invite him back to his Los Angeles home – and play him an uncharacteristic pop album.

Zombie says, “I don’t even remember why I was meeting him. It was very early on, I mean, it was ’95 maybe or something, and I went over to his house – not the house that they had on the TV show The Osbournes, but the house they lived in before that. And it was great. You know, I’d always loved Ozzy, loved Black Sabbath, and it was just me and Ozzy in his house and he played me this entire album he had made with (producer/songwriter) Mark Hudson that was very Beatles-sounding. It’s never been released, but it was fantastic.”

The pair are currently touring the U.S. together.

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