Robbie Crane states there was always a “really heavy underlaying of tension and drama” in Ratt

Robbie Crane states there was always a “really heavy underlaying of tension and drama” in Ratt

Former Ratt and current Black Star Riders bassist Robbie Crane was recently interviewed by Metal Express Radio and spoke about his time in Ratt and what it was like.

Crane played in Ratt from 1996 to 2012 and in drummer Bobby Blotzer‘s version of Ratt in 2016.

Crane stated (as transcribed by Blabbermouth with slight edits): “From the top of it, it’s a heartbreaking thing to see all of the people that you care about [fighting with each other]… I spent 16 years in that band, and you want good for all of them — I care for all of those people. But, having said that, there was always a really heavy underlaying of tension and drama in that band… [The Ratt guys] will say, and people will say, ‘There’s always [an element of drama] in a band.’ I would beg to differ. In [Black Star Riders], there’s no tension or drama… The reality is that there have to be some guests — not everyone can be the chef. And some people have to be willing to let themselves just… to trust in the process with others. Some people are self-appointed, and some people aren’t.”

You can read some of the other transcribed excerpts from the interview with Crane at Blabbermouth and listen to the entire interview at Metal Express Radio below.

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