Robert Berry “The Dividing Line” Out On December 5th


October 13, 2008

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the beginning of the cooperation with multi-talented artist ROBERT BERRY with the release of his brand new solo album “The Dividing Line” on December 5th 2008.

Robert’s abilities came into prominence in 1988, when he teamed with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer (of ELP fame) and formed the band Three releasing the album “To The Power of Three” for Geffen Records. He was however one of the most well known musical talents of the San Francisco area and was previously involved with the band Hush and later with another 80’s super-group GTR. Together with former YES guitarist Steve Howe (taking the place of none other than ex Genesis, Steve Hackett) he wrote and recorded several tracks which sadly have never been officially released by the band which split before the recording of the second album (one of those songs appear for the first time on this new album).

During the 90’s Berry kept busy composing, arranging, and performing either as a solo artist (he has released 3 solo albums, with “Pilgrimage to a Point” particularly being considered as a true Melodic Prog Rock masterpiece of its era) or as a producer-session player. He also toured for years with the band Ambrosia, where he took the place of another Rock giant, David Pack.

In 2008 his band Alliance (together with members of Boston, Sammy Hagar and Night Ranger) released their critically acclaimed 3rd album, “Road To Heaven”. “There is a difference between the music I create on my own and the music that I do with Alliance” explains Robert. “The Alliance lyric is mostly about life and relationships. And the music is classic American Rock. But my solo efforts are based more on my years spent in Europe. They have a more intricate structure and production”.

An award winning producer and multi-instrumentalist, Robert Berry has always displayed an uncanny knack for great melodies and exquisite playing either in the classic Progressive Rock style or in a more Melodic Rock oriented musical environment.

“It has been some time since I put my self out to the public with a solo effort” continues Robert, “I have grown, I have matured musically and lyrically. I am so honored for the chance to do what I love and share it with the listeners”. Recorded during the year 2008, “The Dividing Line” stylistically leans towards timeless Melodic Rock, in the vein of what Robert has been playing and composing for Three and GTR. “I wrote this note to myself as to what I would like this album to be” tells Berry, “The note was :

Music with vision, power, intensity, integrity and hope. About healing from the inside out. THE DIVIDING LINE.

The Dividing Line based on my inner hope that I remain the person I have set out to be. Also musically this album is based on the style I love most. And as I listen back, that is exactly how it came out”.

The song themes deal with life, love and human relationships and show the most personal side of Robert Berry’s artistry and vision. All in all anexciting and revealing release which should not be missed by any serious Rock Music fan.

“The Dividing Line” track listing includes:
The Dividing Line
One Good Man
Listen to the People
This Life
A Life Worth Livin’
Can’t Let Go
I Gave You the Best of Me
Young Hearts
Life is on Fire

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