Robert Fleischman bows out from playing with Vinnie Vincent in Feb. 2019 but wants to stay friends

Robert Fleischman bows out from playing with Vinnie Vincent in Feb. 2019 but wants to stay friends

It looks like former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent¬†will need to find a new lead vocalist to handle the singing at the guitarist’s two concerts in Nashville, Tennessee, USA on February 8 and 9, 2019.

The following message was posted on singer¬†Robert Fleischman‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Looks like I’m the bearer of bad news today..

I think a lot of you know my history with Mr. Vincent been a rollercoaster or two.. first ..things were not feeling good on the business side.. again..the promoter.. extremely low-balled me to the point of.. it being insulting.. the amount of money he offered.. and the poor organization ship.. and lack of respect.. Plus I think it was so bad that the show was cancelled at Graceland.. when the promoter knew some time ago it wasn’t going to happen.. I had hardly any contact with anyone wondering what was going to happen .changing plans like a lot of you did ..and unfortunately ..we got hit with travel arrangements and hotel’s..having to be canceled and all the money lost.. then they decided to have it in Nashville ..with two special guests.. and on the poster a picture of Vinnie and special guests ..and my name below in tiny little letters which would take a microscope to read it.. thinking that this promoter has something out for me I don’t even know him.. after that I said to myself.. I’m not going down this road again ..people I’ve been up and down with this situation.. like a lot of you.. unfortunately some people don’t learn from their past.. well I do.. I’m not going to hop on that train ever again..

This is what I texted to Vinnie..


I’m going to bow out doing the show in Nashville..I apologize but my heart is just not into it anymore..please understand.. while you were away.. I was pursuing other avenues in my life and I just enjoy the way it is now..

I would have called you but I feel you would have tried to talk me into doing this project with you.. but my heart just isn’t in it…

I’d love to still be in touch with you and be friends..

So all the best to you..R